The Value of Trust in Universal Design

There is a value in trust, which is tied into universal design. Thought is electromagnetic. Its cohesive property works in overdrive when, not just two or more, but masses of people agree on things. Groupthink is gelatinous. It fosters a great sense of security; even if the group is mistaken in their chosen belief. In […]

Original Sin

What has been known as the original sin, has everything to do with the state of human consciousness at the beginning of time. This original sin, or mistake, is the reason for chaos in the world. The original sin is that, from the beginning, we haven’t understood the workings of our own individuated consciousness. We […]

There’s Nothing “Out There”; The Great Shift and Spiritual Confusion on the Web

While cruising the “new thought” sites on the web, I found a repetitive phenomenon. There are people, most rather young, who are exasperating themselves while waiting for a “great shift” to occur in the world to lift them into a higher realm. It hasn’t happened and they’ve grown weary, depressed, and lost the will to […]

Spiritual Paths with heart: The simplicity of the Hermetic Laws of The Kybalion of The Three Initiates and A Course in Miracles or ACIM, the ego, existence, illusion, and how both paths complement each other.

We often hear how all spiritual paths lead to the same place. I question the statement. If one is on a path of destruction then how does that lead him to the same place as The Kybalion of The Three Initiates and its complementary A Course in Miracles ACIM? I find it’s always a question […]

Thought, The Law of Vibration, and The Integrative Period of Equalization

Thought being vibration, there is an integrative period for new thought to equalize with ones overall vibration – or mindset. This is true with all learning and the reason for levels of study, but particularly so when we reach toward higher octaves of understanding. While interfacing with higher octaves, there is a time of vacillation […]

A Course in Miracles, One Sin, and One Solution

A basic of A Course in Miracles or ACIM, says the one sin is that we fell asleep and forgot who we are. The one solution is to wake up and remember the truth. Learning to adjust our lens on life brings clarity and dissolves erroneous mindsets and the guilt or sin that binds. When […]