The Value of Trust in Universal Design

There is a value in trust, which is tied into universal design. Thought is electromagnetic. Its cohesive property works in overdrive when, not just two or more, but masses of people agree on things. Groupthink is gelatinous. It fosters a great sense of security; even if the group is mistaken in their chosen belief. In the case of exclusive religion, as with some sects of Christianity, the error is reinforced by the ingredients of the belief. So, in their minds, to stay in agreement means “perfect safety” and to disagree is where all the worse possible things are, such as separation from God and unimaginable eternal suffering. But there is an open end at the root of these religions. It’s in the interpretation of their basic tenets, which is the only place where their constituents would care or dare to look. The truth can be found within the very system they are enmeshed in, but which has been distorted and handed to their unquestioning minds.
When people place value in fully trusting and internalizing the thoughts of others, instead of genuinely thinking for themselves, they’ve disembarked the ship to what’s true and real. They’ve, unknowingly as it may be, come to idolize men and feel safe in this. But there’s a big difference between what “sense” of security lays in going along with the crowd, and the real power found when we look beyond the decided beliefs of others. In fact, I feel we are called to look within ourselves. I think everyone, to various degrees whether aware of it or not, is affected by this call. It’s like the pull of the universe raising us toward a higher reality while nudging us away from the insanity of hand-me-down religious beliefs. This is true because … we come from the Universal Intelligence at the core of life. There’s no getting away from the reality of truth because beneath the chaos of the false, it’s what we are.
There’s no limitation to Oneness. The Unified Field isn’t out there somewhere in space. It’s right here and now; in us and around us. There is no separation. This is real and all-pervading. It is Singularity. But we are in a circumstance where there’s an addition to our completeness in this respect. We, generally speaking, have formulated a superficial, yet powerful, incorrect sense of self that knows nothing of a Greater Whole. Singularity, in a sense, now has the added dimension of duality, which duplicates thought in its own trajectory. The blindness of autonomous thought, without knowledge or regard for the Greater Whole, is responsible for the chaos we see in the world today. As aspects of Omnipotence, everything humanity has orchestrated and continues to orchestrate …  is powerful; even our mistakes.
Thanks to people who heed the call to truly search their hearts, we are coming out of blindness and will continue to do so however long it takes. The lie about our identity will be left behind.  It will go to an abyss; to nothingness. I don’t even think it’s our choice. There is huge meaning to the words “Spirit moves us”. But one thing is sure: The secondary aspect humanity finds itself in, that “split-off” incorrect sense of identity it holds to, is best to move right along with the process because the longer it holds to the insanity it made, the harder, more mentally painful, it will be to excise the false and live in the truth.
How narrow the gate.

I think all the last statement means is that perspective is slowly drawn out in people, and that for every generation, especially back in “The narrow gate” days of the bible … there weren’t and still are not many people walking through that gateway to higher awareness. But NOW we are coming into the age where “I come quickly” is starting to make profound sense.