There’s Nothing “Out There”; The Great Shift and Spiritual Confusion on the Web

While cruising the “new thought” sites on the web, I found a repetitive phenomenon. There are people, most rather young, who are exasperating themselves while waiting for a “great shift” to occur in the world to lift them into a higher realm. It hasn’t happened and they’ve grown weary, depressed, and lost the will to carry on. These people are looking “out there” for something to happen, but nothing happens and disappointment grows to futility. My response to one young girl who stopped eating was as follows:

I’m not a professional. But if you’re depressed then maybe it wouldn’t hurt to get some counseling. Also, allow for this time to happen. Listen to it. Flow with it. It’s there to tell you something. But you may need to have someone listen with you. In the meantime, if you don’t feel like eating at least have some kind of meal replacement.

I’m curious to know what you’ve been internalizing in regard to spiritual things. I keep finding some kind of panicky exodus in people like you on these sites–folks in a mad rush to jump onto the “transformation/ascension bus”.  There are so many paths, methods, and religions, which say they lead to higher awareness that I think many folks have been misled into spiritual confusion. Don’t think about leaving the planet anymore. You owe it to yourself to take the responsibility of examining what you’ve allowed into your psyche. There are many who understand basic spiritual psychology waiting to assist you.

Do you believe in things you don’t truly understand? Maybe you need to slow down and bring it all to light. Time doesn’t run out. Time is directly synchronized to your awakening. When people hear about spiritual gifts and try to force a way to get “there” and then end up disappointed, it is best taken as a lesson in the classroom of life. We live in an instant gratification society. But the shift you speak of happens at the level of one’s consciousness and requires an integrative period for higher knowledge; a period of equalization unique to each person’s focus on this transforming thought energy.

People who’ve stopped taking care of themselves while waiting for this ascension are missing a major chunk in the process. The work happens “in here” not “out there”.  We need to acknowledge and love ourselves for one thing, and I’m not talking about selfish conceit. We need to come away from self denial and love the essence of life coursing through our veins. NOW! Wherever we are in our evolution. Not at some point in the future when we are “there”.

You say you feel lifeless over this. It sounds like you’ve given your power away and distanced from yourself. Accept it as but a lesson. I’ve got news that you may not have heard. You are very strong because you are created from Omnipotence. Now TURN AROUND and take back your power. Accept yourself with all of your perceived flaws, blues and all. The old metaphysical acronym KISS goes a long way. Look it up. You are loved and people really do care about you.

Yes, I know letting go of hand-me-down beliefs can be disorienting (for a time), but we have to remember beliefs have no life of their own. It is we who are the life of belief.

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