The Meaning of Hell and an Angry God

The meaning of hell will show you there is no angry God waiting to punish you. The meaning of hell is not about an angry God sending you to a fiery place called hell where your soul will suffer eternal torment where you will gnash your teeth. For one thing, a soul isn’t a material … Read more

The Value of Trust in Universal Design

There is a value in trust, which is tied into universal design. Thought is electromagnetic. Its cohesive property works in overdrive when, not just two or more, but masses of people agree on things. Groupthink is gelatinous. It fosters a great sense of security; even if the group is mistaken in their chosen belief. In … Read more

Original Sin

What has been known as the original sin, has everything to do with the state of human consciousness at the beginning of time. This original sin, or mistake, is the reason for chaos in the world. The original sin is that, from the beginning, we haven’t understood the workings of our own individuated consciousness. We … Read more

Mental Alchemy-Using Higher Laws over Lower Laws

In my book, “Reflections of My Higher Self”, mental alchemy is described as using the natural laws of the universe to create change. This is a fascinating subject that is key to immeasurable creativity. The reason it’s so fascinating is because in learning to use these laws consciously, we benefit by becoming the master to … Read more