The Meaning of Hell and an Angry God

The meaning of hell will show you there is no angry God waiting to punish you. The meaning of hell is not about an angry God sending you to a fiery place called hell where your soul will suffer eternal torment where you will gnash your teeth. For one thing, a soul isn’t a material thing that can burn. Even if it could, why would it take eternity? Through the twists and turns of translations from Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin, Greek, Old Anglo Saxon and more, the error of conveying misinformation is greatly compounded. Through the coloring of perception by cultural paradigms over the span of thousands of years, a dark cloud sets upon the so-called believers.

There is no place called hell, as religion describes it, simply because there can be no separation from what science refers to as a unified field, and religion itself calls Omnipresence. Bible interpretations are dangerous when done by other than scholars. They know history, politics and the ideas that affected and ruled the societies of ancient times. The unfortunate fact at work in the dynamic of belief, in the past and right up to contemporary society, is that so many people have the tendency to accept, without question, what has been handed down to them.

One person who didn’t accept the cultural norms of his time was Jesus himself.¬† All of his metaphorical teachings, such as his parables, explained so much about mentality and the dynamic of projection at work with belief. Yet, as with every major change in thinking throughout history, even up until now, new thought is rarely accepted. Most people of Jesus’ day did not hear his message, nor do they hear it today.

In a nutshell, through the unbiased study of semantics, which is hard, if not impossible, to find among the hardcore religious, “Hel” is an Old Anglo Saxon word that means “a covering”. “Met” is also a very old word, which means “head” … thus, “helmet” is a covering for the head. The words are so old, I believe this is the only derivative left. Except, of course, for the word “hell”, which in all sensibility means a covering over perception. Hell is lack of awareness. It is the darkness of ignorance ingrained in a distorted sense of self that kills, steals and destroys. It is the mental anguish brought on by untruth; a feeling of loneliness and isolation resulting from “mental disconnection” from the Greater Whole. It is the sense of alienation brought on by such a lie, which brings misery and the gnashing of teeth. It is the blindness of delusion … all of which are the same root of all suffering.