Mental Alchemy-Using Higher Laws over Lower Laws

In my book, “Reflections of My Higher Self”, mental alchemy is described as using the natural laws of the universe to create change. This is a fascinating subject that is key to immeasurable creativity. The reason it’s so fascinating is because in learning to use these laws consciously, we benefit by becoming the master to our thoughts instead of mistakenly defining ourselves by them and allowing our thoughts to rule over us.

The technique of mental alchemy is based on, first of all, knowing what we want. But there is an elixir in this mix and we must find it. It lays between knowing what we want and knowing what we are. Paradoxically, unless we’re fully-evolved beings which we obviously are not, we don’t know all of what we are except maybe, if you’re like me, to relate such to being extensions of an all-encompassing, pristine, fluid field of energy, which with all its compensatory laws … hasn’t been acknowledged but blindly misused. Escalating to a worthy sense of self is crucial to the process of change in which we are engaging; a sense of self that recognizes humility and removes much sense of limitation. Fortunately, grace, being what it is, saves us from this error of misuse concerning identity. This phenomenal aspect of grace is known as the deductive mode. The deductive mode of reasoning that can reverse the error and fling wide open the doorways to change by showing us what we are not.

When we understand our identity as something much more than thousands of years of induced conditioning, we come to realize we’re not the thoughts of others we had internalized. We stop defining ourselves by incorrect thought energy and instead become a mindful witness to the limited self-image that was unconsciously inducted in us without question until maybe even now. With this enlightened viewpoint, unsettling as the disillusionment of re-identification may be, we no longer interpret ourselves as subject to the mistake. Through understanding the dynamic of the old belief about ourselves and how it created the false perception in us of who we are as human beings, we are freed from it. We may then learn further and choose to look toward the truth about us as a frequency of vibration extended from First Cause of the universe; the highest tone of vibration. We rest in the vantage point attained after shedding misunderstood and divisive hand-me-down belief systems. No longer can they define or separate us. We grow to understand unity; our connectivity to each other and all of life. Surely, the truth has come to set us free. But after living a mistake for so long, can we suddenly live from the truth without dealing with repercussions from our sleeping past? The way we see life is a direct reflection of how we see ourselves. So if we have lived from a false sense of self, we know to some degree that it engendered a sense of lack on the screen of our world simply because of what that sense of self was … or was not. It certainly wasn’t fully us! We reacted to the experience of that self; false or not. For most people, this insufficient sense of self caused a degree of mental-emotional pain and was or has been their situation for all or most of their lives.

In attempts to soothe what could be called a dull sense of something missing, many have resorted to insufficient substitutes that could never fill the void. Alcohol and substance abuse, gambling, promiscuous sex, money, fame … nicotine and food are only a few. The list is endless, but what appears to be many is really but one thing. The absence of truth … of reality. These things may satiate desires temporarily, but in the end they leave one feeling empty and feeling a need for more of their choice substitutes. Substitutes can never correct the mistake.

At the impasse of beginning anew with what knowledge we’ve acquired, do we really know how to think when we confront any remaining repercussions from our past? We may have found ourselves in unhealthy situations, whether it be with diet, lack of exercise or drugs and alcohol or what have you. But we got there because we didn’t know how to think correctly due to our misplaced sense of identity with its incorrect trajectory of thought. Now that we have touched into another way of life, we need to know how to respond to any acquired unwanted habits because the mind either creates anew or regenerates the old constantly. The issue here is that shifting levels of consciousness is an ongoing process. Someone who has freshly experienced the falling away of the old manner of thinking is still vulnerable to slipping back into it. To prevent this from happening, they need to be consistent in creating a new way. But it must be remembered this isn’t about a forced change like in some religious sects. All we want is to be in the reality of the moment, which is what walking in truth is all about.

Walking in truth involves humility. In that light, simply put, we must take a therapeutic look at history to see why we think and act the way we do as the human race; I mean back to the beginning. Hindsight proves we haven’t always been conscious of what is true about us. Like Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden, which is symbolic of pure consciousness, we humans have a knack for falling asleep. In the beginning was The Word, which is The Highest Tone of Vibration, and The Word was God. It was conveyed that everything was peaceful and beautiful and free at that time. There was no lack for anything. So what happened in this perfection? What was the great fall of humanity that led to a screwed up world? I don’t ever remember reading in scripture that Adam and Eve ever awakened. Since the Garden is a metaphor that represents two states of consciousness, one good and one bad … or better said, one innocent and one asleep to innocence, what could happen? The truth is that NOTHING happened; but we need to stop and think about that statement because nothing is not something that can actually happen. The mystery in this, and the way it needs to be read, is that although nothing can’t happen … it can surely be experienced just like the dreams you have at night appear very real to you. In a manner of speaking with the acknowledgement that words are degrees removed from the reality they try to represent … that’s what happened. There is truth to this, but the important word here is experience … and after all is said and done, what else do we want but to have a beneficent experience? But the key is to know what to do with consciousness. In the beginning, consciousness didn’t know its own workings and took a detour by defining itself by its thoughts rather than knowing itself as the thinker. We are consciousness. Jesus, Lucifer, Moses, Satan and others first and foremost represent states of consciousness from high to low. Adam and Eve symbolize the limitation early consciousness fell into by not understanding its own workings or its relationship to the Essence of All Life. It can’t be referred to as a willful mistake, since the state of consciousness was pure innocence. From an expanded perspective, the allegory can be seen as intrinsic to the evolution of consciousness … meaning the darkness of unevolved consciousness in humanity is required contrast in order for higher states to see itself. The ONE behind All Creation is eternal and in all consciousness. The TWO was never separated but splintered away from the ONE so that the ONE inherent in the Two could eventually see Itself  and experience the indefinable ecstasy of lighting the darkness. I didn’t mean to go too far off into deep esoteric concepts. Don’t feel like it’s necessary for you to thoroughly understand it. What I’d like for you to take from it is that we have a better experience of life when our sense of identity is rooted in the belief that we are all divine universal beings. We are moving forward in our evolution of consciousness.

There are laws to this kinetic state of us; to this fluid vibration of life, just like there are laws to electricity. This is to say that all thought, being a frequency of vibration, effects all other vibration. Evolving human beings nourish and develop new faculties in this regard. When we become aware that all of life is extended from One Essence, which means we indeed are ONE as parts of a Greater Whole … perspective expands. We become more conscious of what we’re thinking and more perceptive of how we treat ourselves and others. Unity is revealed to us. In this new attitude, which when nurtured through various means such as mindfulness meditation, contemplation and reflection, we have the ability to become powerful co-creators using mental alchemy.

The process of mental alchemy to create change, in the way I am presenting, is done in an orderly fashion on an even playing field in one chosen category at a time. It requires the desire for the change and the use of will in a way that may not be familiar to you. When I say the use of will, don’t confuse that with any form of resistance or you’ll miss the point. Will is used here as a mechanism of focus to move you, the thinker, in a specific direction. It is close to attitudinal, but the key phrase used here is to move you. This use of will is mental action without strain. There are many examples of this soon to be food for discussion. A more detailed description of how I experienced change in a particular category personal to me will be the topic of my next book, which I hope to complete by Christmas. For now, don’t sweat the small stuff and keep the vibe high!