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Reflections of My Higher Self:
A Journey Through Identity, Belief and Perception

Religion meets New Age philosophy in this journey through the twists and turns of a grueling spiritual transformation.

This heartfelt adventure into mental & spiritual healing bares the miracles of metaphysics: the application of alchemy to salvage a traumatized life.

During a near-death experience, a Rosicrucian mystic finds himself in a progression of alternate realities where he is led to face a repressed memory buried in his painful past. The extraterrestrials there to serve his soul, embark on a mission filled with intrigue as, inch-by-inch, this saga into consciousness unfolds.

This transformational writing explains the energetic aspects of the psychology behind a troubled man’s social anxiety disorder stemming from sexual and religious abuse leading him to the pitfalls of self-medication and addiction, and finally to the alchemical means of his recovery taught by his spirit guides. His last-ditch effort toward self-growth offers a transition from emptiness to happiness and contentment through the renewal of his mind.

Sprinkled with interspirituality and glimpses into the afterlife, the Holy Spirit in this odyssey speaks loudly to the inner child as it awakens and inspires the wounded at the crossroads of truth and illusion.

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From Smoking & Vaping to Breathing

Cross this mental-emotional bridge of change with the author as he discovers a depolarization process that leads him away from inhaling the smoke of a burning plant to the opposite pole of breathing fresh air.

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