From Smoking & Vaping to Breathing

From Smoking & Vaping to Breathing

Cross this mental-emotional bridge of change with the author as he discovers a depolarization process that leads him away from inhaling the smoke of a burning plant to the opposite pole of breathing fresh air.

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Reflections of My Higher Self, by Joseph Danna

Reflections of my Higher Self

When the church of his youth is unable to allay the debilitating anxiety he’d suffered since childhood, twenty-seven-year-old Salvatore DiSanti turns away from his faith, and under the advice of his mysterious friend, Michael, looks within the depths of his own soul for comfort. The answers to his prayers begin to appear when a near-death experience at his workplace shakes him to his core.

While he lies unconscious during this mishap, Salvatore is unwittingly catapulted to an alternate reality. A string of serendipitous events transpires, which includes his initial rendezvous with the altruistic Gloria, his translucent Spirit Guide who places an enigma in his hand—a crystal that, in due time, opens him to the mysteries of the universe and to the root of his angst.

Salvatore’s adventurous journey into his parallel life turns introspective when Great Blue Mountain, his most powerful Spirit Guide, opens the portals to his troubled past. With the help of the integrative knowledge he receives from his benevolent guides, and the captivating light of the crystal, Salvatore is taken back in time to relive, process, and then release the festering wound of betrayal lodged deep within his psyche. Relieved of his burden, he awakens to the truth of his divinity, which escalates to magnificent displays, not only of his innocence, but the innocence at the core of all people, and a new ability to self-actualize.

Although Reflections of My Higher Self: A Journey Through Identity, Belief, and Perception is a fictionalized account of the author’s life, it still shines true in a most colorful way, as it lays bare the crossroads of psychology and spirituality. The writing portrays a future when the world’s population will reach a critical mass of understanding the universal principles this odyssey holds—a time when the planet will shift into a higher octave of living.

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