Original Sin

What has been known as the original sin, has everything to do with the state of human consciousness at the beginning of time. This original sin, or mistake, is the reason for chaos in the world. The original sin is that, from the beginning, we haven’t understood the workings of our own individuated consciousness. We “misused” it when we lost sight of the Greater Whole/Omnipresence; our unity at the core. 

Early pristine consciousness, or the scenario depicted in The Garden of Eden, jumped the track when it believed its projections onto the screen of life to be external. But in truth, what we see externally is a result of what manner of thought is within us. We’ve come to define ourselves by our externalized thoughts when in reality we are the Power behind them.

In blindness to the Greater Whole, we have, generally speaking, formulated an autonomous displaced sense of identity (Prodigal), which creates in its own selfish trajectory (sin of pride). Contrary to what most people believe, this is the original sin. It is the root sin that loans credence to the appearance of many external sins. These external sins, as evil as they can be, are not sins. They are the reaction of the one root sin as it reflects its own error; our mistake about identity. 

There is profound truth in the phrase “As above so below”. Every parable in scripture attests to this when understood for what they represent. So, the most beneficial way to understand the bible, in this regard, is to look beyond the words. To know they describe states of consciousness through metaphor and allegory. One example of what this means, is that if you have a displaced sense of self as not being part of a Greater Whole, then you would transfer that internal mentality outward to what appears as external. To whatever degree you entrench your sense of identity into your idea of separation, which automatically engenders a sense of lack, that is what will feed your blind sense of need and color your perception of the world.