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Dec 20

How I quit Smoking by Using Universal Natural Laws of Attraction and Polarizing My Thinking To Breathing Fresh Air

By Joe Danna | habit control , law of attraction , natural law , quit smoking , smoking cessation , The Principle of Polarity , universal law

There were times I chain smoked — standing with my cig under the range vent. Every time I tried to quit I failed, and it was because I still wanted to smoke. The trick I found, which was actually a happy accident I discovered as a way to leave cigarettes behind forever, was to prefer fresh air to smoke. I did that by going for walks and talking to myself about how much I loved fresh air. Without realizing it, I was using the Law of Attraction in a positive way.  I became increasingly aware of breathing every day. Sure, there were times in the beginning when I feared failing. I didn’t want the despair of regarding myself as hopelessly addicted. But I found out later that my accidental technique was the Principle of Polarity in action.

In the duality of the situation…there was smoke at one pole and fresh air at the other. The more I thought about breathing beautiful fresh air, the further I climbed the degrees to the positive pole of health. I depolarized my unhealthy habit, and repolarized without white knuckling it because I didn’t think about quitting…I thought about fresh air. I was using universal law to my benefit.

The beauty of the situation is not only am I smoke free, but I am empowered to live a better life through the conscious use of natural law and my imagination. It’s the best thing we have going for us to stop the clanging symbols of repetition. The best thing I can do with the experience is to share it.

Dec 20

Thought, The Law of Vibration, and The Integrative Period of Equalization

By Joe Danna | law of attraction , natural law , The Law of Vibration , The Principle of Polarity

Thought being vibration, there is an integrative period for new thought to equalize with ones overall vibration – or mindset. This is true with all learning and the reason for levels of study, but particularly so when we reach toward higher octaves of understanding. While interfacing with higher octaves, there is a time of vacillation before synchronization occurs. According to Universal Law,  a wavering of pitch leads us through a time of recurring obscurity, but only because we are crossing a larger span of integration than what we are accustomed to. Ride out this depolarization of thought vibration. Equalization will occur somewhere amid the poles of your changing beliefs according to your focus.