The Metaphorical Garden

By Joe Danna | The Narrow Gate

Apr 15

The circumstance with Adam, which to me is a metaphor for what was/is happening with the human mind, is that he got what was subjective/internal mixed up with the objective/external. Since everything created is extended from the Creator, or the Breath of God, the WORD, whatever we choose to call IT … we have ITS attributes, therefore we also have creative potential and are co-creators. Yet, Adam in innocence had no way of knowing that what he was doing was defining himself by what he didn’t extend, but “projected” or “externalized”, which were called vain imaginings. Vain because in his innocence he misappropriated his own power to externalities, when they never had anything but HIS power and in fact are NOTHING but a projection of his own thoughts. He had no sense of this. Innocence has no experience to draw from. On top of that, this scenario was fully intended to be for the contrast needed in order for innocence to know ITSELF. It was/is all part of the plan. There is no light without dark. It’s still happening today. The externalized world we see is an effect of a cause, and in this case the cause is the collective mind of humanity. We could say no where in scripture does Adam ever come out of the sleep which fell upon him. God only created good. The misery in the world is an effect of Adam‘s (human collective mind) mental processes as “he” wields God Given Power without knowledge of the fundamental principles/nature of that Power or even that he has power! He has forgotten God/All Power. Not willfully/pridefully. He is just innocent and unknowing. Again it’s all part of the process…our process of awakening to what is true and real. The reason I don’t need objective proof is that I understand Spiritual/Cosmic Law, which leads to the knowledge of why there is no real objective world. That’s why it’s called temporal. In the light of truth the only thing that falls away, because it never truly existed, is what God didn’t create. Adam “made” it; like a dream. Yes, Joe Blow and others may have their own truths just like Adam did when he BELIEVED in his own (innocent) original sin/error which has compounded exponentially, but those are not truths. They are false. THAT’s the “LIE”, which is actually too harsh a word. It’s not even a mistake. We have to walk through the dark in order to see the light. Trust me in this ONE thing: When we see the LIGHT, we recognize IT because there is a sort of “spiritual DNA” within us that remembers. After all. The prodigal SON does come from a home. This is the Holy Spirit bearing witness within. As for what to do with what we see as external? FORGIVE! The true meaning of forgiveness is to extend what we KNOW as true within us … to others. Because IT IS their Truth too. When we know it FOR them, even if necessarily from a distance, we are “Bridging the gap”. This is the pathway to Christ Consciousness.

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