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By Joe Danna | A Course in Miracles

Dec 19

I took A Course in Miracles, ACIM, and have always wanted to be able to share my innermost thoughts through transformative writing and I did so by writing a book titled “The Narrow GateA Journey Through Identity, Belief, and Perception. Before I started this ACIM type writing I took some refresher classes in creative writing through The Long Ridge Writer’s Group, and while writing a 500-word short story assignment I became entranced with what turned out to be my 52,000-word spiritual narrative about universal natural law. I’ve heard many creative writers talk about reaching a jet stream of creativity. Now I know what they mean. Everything I had ever learned and experienced spiritually came to the surface in writing my manuscript about The Narrow Gate, A Journey Through Identity, Belief, and Perception. For two years I pulled from my old writings on identity, belief, and perception. Hours went by in blocks of ten. I expanded and pieced my creation together.
Among the topics included in the mix are the law of attraction and principles of vibration, anxiety and panic disorder, reconciliation of a repressed memory, man-made-fear-based theology, its cause and effect,  forgiveness, projection, illusions, the list goes on. In A Course in Miracles format, the message in my depiction of identity, belief, and perception is to show how we can still manage to listen to the wind song of life in a chaotic world. We can learn about the narrow gate opening to absolute reality of ACIM.

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