The Narrow Gate: Excerpt

Chapter Six

Lifting the Veil

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

While sitting on the edge of the hospital bed, I felt the quartz-like object grow warm in my hand again. All my concerns about forgetfulness diminished when a play of communication was presented in the same upper-frontal space I simultaneously associated to my experience of the previous day with the translucent woman.

I put my pen to work in a vigorous attempt to capture and translate a geometrical language, which was streaming like ticker tape across the area out in front of my forehead. But my act of writing was as insufficient a media for the task of translating this procession of information, as would be expecting to create symphonies on strings of tight rubber bands.

The simplicity of the transmission became enigmatic in the realm of everyday word symbology. What seeped into my understanding of this strangeness had to do with ordinary human perception being maligned in some way.  There was something amiss at the core of how we look at things—in which case nothing is seen correctly.

The numerical properties of the geometry had certainty in meaning and the immediacy of electricity, which I understood plainly as though coexisting with it throughout its duration. But even while sitting in the light of this unusual language, I lost focus with the slightest distraction.

Removed from the direct experience of this conveyance at intervals, I still sensed it’s telling. The Absolute Reality of all life as One was shown to mean there is no real duality, but that dualities are about points of view, which look from outside the full awareness of an infinite unity. Duality was described as intrinsic to human perception from our level of evolution. Our task was to learn to use our overall perception as another sense tool of the mind, rather than accept it as an end in itself.

As I sat there my mind continued to be a receptacle for cascading thoughts. I saw life and the material world as aspects of something greater than what I’d ever known. A greatness expressed in a multitude of electromagnetic polarities right down to the elemental dust of the earth. What we interpret as separated on the physical plane was shown to be variance in degree on a continuum.

The perspective imparted by this geometry presented no division or specific point where hot becomes cold or where love becomes hate, as though the opposite polarities of each class were two different things—but only changes in degree of the same thing.

The universe was understood to be a mental expression—Thought emanating from Intelligencewe call God. We were shown to be evolving units as an in-breath of this mentality heading back to knowledge of our Source, from which we were involved as an out-breath—which created the universe. Everything was seen as part of this mental substratum. The world became illusory when with our creative potential we believed the pictures we imposed upon it to be a set reality.

But the mental substratum animating us was no illusion. It was the basis of everything. We are extensions of this Intelligence. An attribute of this mental everything in my vision was that it proved to be moldable according to our thinking. I understood this to mean only mentality had an effect on what is mental, making us co-creators.

From this position, my mind’s eye saw unconscious repetitive thinking juxtaposed with voluntary conscious thinking—as an obvious duality. The former showing what it means to be ateffect and the latter opening the way to being cause. The pull of evolution was shown to be leading us to align with First Cause of the mental universe and to learn self-actualization.

What came to mind as I sat with the perception of the material world in its illusory aspect, were the people I knew who believed since everything here was an illusion that nothing mattered. However, I realized through this message that for the time we experience living on the material level as we do, what is considered illusory from a higher perspective isn’t illusion to us.  Although our experiences are temporal and shall pass, they are still real to us whether or not they exist as absolutes. We are universal beings yet with organic faculties, which when attuned to the frequencies of the physical dimension leave us subject to its inherent physical laws accordingly.

While sitting on the bed, I felt an All Powerful completeness come near; one my dual mind couldn’t withstand. After all, I was human and still identified mostly with my organic senses. I was accustomed to appraising things sequentially as external, separate pieces in order for me to formulate a point of view, which I’d hoped would enable me to find and adapt to my place in the world. How could I hold onto the glimpse I caught through this unusual perspective long enough to garner a fuller appreciation of its meaning?

Despite my lack of comprehension, I began to contemplate becoming a cause of my reality, rather than be an effect of my environment, and reveled at the unlimited prospect of being a mental unit manifesting in the plasticity of the mental universe. The dread I once felt for the unknown was being reinterpreted as my unfamiliarity with power and beginning to thaw into excitement.

I was interrupted when Jack arrived to drive me home from the hospital with a clean bill of health. He was quiet— almost solemn, and looked at me one-too-many times with expectancy.

“Hey, Sal. How are you feeling, turkey head?” Jack asked. “I thought you were dead under that collapse,” he added in an unsuccessful attempt at humor.

“Boy am I glad to see you, Jack,” I said with a slight quiver in my voice.

I lied. Jack’s entrance caught me off guard. Left off kilter by my unnerving interlude with the geometric language, it was hard for me to mask my emotions on cue.

I hid the crystalline treasure from his sight before slipping it back into my pocket. I could tell he sensed something was up, but there was no way I would divulge anything pertaining to my recent experiences, especially while still in the midst of trying to figure them out.

Being an eyewitness to the bin falling on top of me had obviously shaken Jack. The nurse told me earlier he sat quietly in my room for much of the night while I slept, occasionally dabbing my face with a damp cloth. She added at one point she was glad to hear our voices, which could only mean I was talking in my sleep. What in God’s name was that two-way conversation about? Why was Jack so mum in the car, bordering on restraint?

Sometimes people are connected in mysterious ways, which was the case with Jack and me. On a trip we took to Lake Tahoe two years earlier, we explored the territory on his motorcycle. While pulling into a place called Incline Village, I could have sworn we entered some kind of time warp at the start of a string of uncanny events.

Every time I spoke, Jack told me he was “just about to say that”. Likewise for me whenever he spoke. Not just once or twice, but disconcertingly so every time we opened our mouths to speak before we got off the bike, and for the thirty minutes we sat on the trunk of a fallen sequoia. Jack looked perplexed and let out a long “Daaang” as we shook our heads and discontinued talking.

Recalling this day, I remembered when we left the main road to drive down a trail leading to the rural village. The panorama opening to us was stunning. Sloping toward the lake on its right for quite a distance, the incline captured us with the surreal quality of a silent movie. Clusters of people scattered throughout the sprawling landscape were strangely familiar to me, as were scant passersby.

Despite the eeriness of this apparent vortex, I was floating in a sea of emotion. I felt connected to everything around me—when all of it coalesced into a sudden overwhelming nostalgia. I became buoyant with love for the place and everyone in sight. Talking known as secondary to the thoughts we shared that day, left in its stead a wordless glance of certainty we’d been there before. Without exaggeration, the enchantment of the place was so palpable it nearly left me breathless. I believe we once lived entwined with this environment. Something ancient and profound occurred there, which had to do with Jack and me, but what it was remained a mystery for the time being.

Quietly blown away, we got back onto his motorcycle and left to be distracted, once again, by the concerns of everyday life. Jack never elaborated on that slice of time except to chalk it up to déjà vu and say, nonchalantly, “Things like that happen sometimes.” But curiosity always got the best of me, and the memory of that day offered enough questions to last a lifetime.

Glad to say goodbye to the hospital bed and my bemused nurse made Jack, after all, a welcome sight. At my request he drove toward my place—but without a word.

Was he largely disassociating from me, as those involved with religious sects often do with whom they believed had gone astray? I didn’t think so after the nurse said he stayed with me for hours the night before.

Although I knew his beliefs gave rise to concerns he had about my soul, the situation only strengthened my desire to understand why Jack didn’t consider other ways to look at things. Once when he acted from those beliefs by making dire pronouncements about my stance with God, I responded with a quote from Jack Kerouac, the beat poet of the 1950s, when I said “Walking on water wasn’t built in a day”, which generated a delightful half smile from the old pal I knew.

Jack deposited me at the curb in front of my place and I walked the path leading from the sidewalk to the front entrance of the Victorian I called home. I sat on the porch steps perplexed by the flow of information I’d received in the hospital and the manner in which it came.

After removing my shirt I leaned back, allowing the third step to support me while the skin on my chest drank the heat of the sunlight. My neck muscles released as I moved my head slowly from side to side, forward and back.

I took a deep cleansing breath, thinking by relaxing I could get back to the mental state I was in before Jack arrived to drive me home. I wanted to remember all of what I knew lay just beneath the surface of my current incipient thoughts.

I moved my head to the left again and although somewhat blinded by the midmorning sun, my mailbox appeared in my line of vision. A rush of adrenaline ran through me when I recalled my last mystical lesson’s reference to an inter-dimensional experience.

Sitting upright, I retrieved the newfound crystalline gemstone from my right front pocket and set it gently on my palm. The sun shone on this mesmerizing piece glittering with the seven colors of the rainbow.

I asked myself when I had ever seen anything so beautiful. Through its transparent parts, it gave birth to gradients of light from within at intervals—like an aluminum Christmas tree sparkling with the brilliance projected through a turning color-wheel.

While holding my oval find closely to my eyes again like I did under the collapsed storage bin, I marveled at the hues enveloping me. The same sensations of the previous day rose from within, delivering me to what felt like a threshold to merging with the color.

I heard a distant hum when the colors whirled and parted like mist, opening to an expanse. Losing myself in the focus of my undivided attention, I was overwhelmed at being drawn into a vastness heretofore unknown and turned away with a gasp.

Knowing the object had significance associated with the recent events I struggled to piece together, its existence was still a mystery. I sat staring into space unable to rationalize what had just happened. Then while I intoned one long AUM to help regain equilibrium, my wind chimes acquiesced to a wistful breeze that perfected the moment.

Rising slowly with stiffness in my back, I turned to step across the threshold to the front entrance of the Victorian. The beauty gracing my hand grew warmer still as I made my way up the stairs. According to the clock on the wall it was 10:08 a.m.

Stopped dead in my tracks on the first stairwell landing, I noticed the skin on my scalp becoming taut, its hairs in the process of standing like the ones on my arms already had. Backing toward the wall as though pulled magnetically, I was entranced by three apparitions standing less than six feet in front of me. The one in the middle was tall and wore the headdress of an Indian Chief. I recognized him with the awakening of a memory sleeping since early childhood. He was the Indian I used to see in the window at the bottom of the stairs in the hallway of my old house.

Although I couldn’t see these beings clearly with my physical eyes, they were perceived in another way. The three beings were electrical and emitted a charge, which filled the air around me causing my skin to tingle. Becoming aware of this through senses new to me came in tandem with other awakenings when memory of events from the previous day, including details about the church and the translucent woman, returned as though someone had flipped a switch.

In the same way I experienced the Holy Symbols during my encounter with the mysterious woman outside the Gospel Searchlight Church, and the geometrical language while in the hospital, on the screen in front of my forehead I relived images of myself as a boy fleeing across a street into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

I heard screeching rubber as the driver hit the brakes. With my hands on the hood of the car, I turned in surrender to face the wrath of the nun rushing toward me—she frightened me so. But in welcome surprise, my living vision showed the hands reaching out from the folds of her religious garb weren’t the cold Clementus claws of yesteryear. The nun from my past was now kind. As she embraced me in front of the car that nearly hit me in 1962, I felt nothing less than an expression of high compassion.

The sister left this earth over ten years ago. Why am I seeing her now? I asked myself. She abused me terribly in the past, yet forgiveness was automatic in the message of the mystics and through the experiences I suddenly remembered having with what I called the Holy Symbols. All grievances became like chaff taken by the wind, but I was still confused and shaken by the strength of her presence.

My anxiety turned quite unsettling as the incongruity of this, and what happened in the last two days, hit me like an emotional undertow. Then I felt a sudden change in the atmosphere. Although I didn’t actually hear a voice, I got the impression the tall chief in front of me was addressing me as though through a dense cushion. His transmission proved to have its effect when the fight-or-flight response from seconds before unraveled into serenity. I felt like my body consisted of fabric having wrinkles removed by the heat of a desert sun.

In the continuity of the vision, I found myself outside the Gospel Searchlight Church sitting on the grass with the translucent woman. The endlessness in her eyes enveloped me, and to my amazement she told me she was Sister Clementus. Aside from her reparation to me for the occurrences of 1962, she said the main reason for her presence was to act as a conduit for a higher entity, which had a message for me. But strangely enough, she looked younger than 30-years—yet, I remembered reading long before that Sister Clementus died at age 83.

In an apparent answer to my thoughts about her youthfulness she surprised me when she said, “My appearance changed when I cleared erroneous belief systems from my mind and allowed the Vital Life Force to flow unimpeded within me. I have become more conscious of what I am as a being of light emanated by a Greater Light,” she added graciously.

“You’ve conceptualized universal truth through your studies, and have experienced it in actuality through the Holy Symbols—have you not, Salvatore?”

“Yes—I have, Sister,” I replied tentatively. “But in an inconsistent sort of way. I’m unable to retain all of what was imparted to me by the Holy Symbols. Through a veil of obscurity in the aftermath of the experience, I know there was clarity in the instances with them, and also with the geometric language I saw while in the hospital. I just don’t remember the clarity directly.”

Judging by her expression, I thought the sister understood why I had such a lapse, and I listened as she shared her wisdom.

“There is a rhythm to the evolution of consciousness where a process involving your understanding of higher knowledge occurs in your concept of time. The rhythm is part of thelanguage of vibration and is synchronistic with the changing vibratory frequency of your overall thinking. You are describing the expansion and contraction of consciousness that occurs due to your prior conditioning.”

Her explanation of my forgetfulness didn’t open the halls of wisdom to me, but it certainly raised my curiosity.

“In accordance with Harmonic Law, variances in frequencies of vibration will waver as they draw to a balance within their octave. This law also applies to your individual system of thought, which is actually vibration. I’ll take it a step further and say you are thought at a deeper level, Salvatore, and through your study and contemplation of natural law, you are raising the vibration of your surface mind to that of your inner being.”

“I am thought, Sister?”

“Yes, Salvatore. You are a Thought of God. The thoughts of your superficial mind are encompassed by the larger thought you are. The goal is to identify ultimately with the thought you are, rather than with your conditioned surface thinking.”

“I’m not trying to be funny, Sister, but I’m going to have to think about what you’ve just said.”

“You already think too much, Salvatore.  You need to still your mind.”

“Isn’t that what I’m learning through the teachings of the mystics, Sister?”

“Yes, it is. However, it would help you to understand that you’re current learning conflicts with what you’ve been previously trained to think, resulting in an electromagnetic polarization of your two systems of thought. You become unreceptive to the positive pole of higher knowledge when your thinking fluctuates, causing you to look at the screen of life from the negative pole of lesser awareness.”

“I wonder if it’s all that bad to be less aware, Sister? I’ve often heard what we don’t know can’t hurt us.”

“Take another look at the world and rethink your question, Salvatore. Humanity suffers because of ignorance, but these terms aren’t used here to denote ideas of good and bad. They are about perspective, and pertain to the mental integration all learning requires.”

“Are you telling me my thoughts are integrating with another way of thinking?”

“Not only is this so with you mentally, but you are also activating parts of your body which have been dormant.”

“Activating parts of my body?”

“Yes, Salvatore. Your body is intertwined with your mind in ways you are yet to understand. Neural pathways within your physicality, which function has gone largely unknown, are beginning to strengthen. Your hypothalamus, the second brain in you, is becoming receptive to electromagnetic transferences and revitalizing your energy centers. These chakra centers will acclimate your bodymind to the quickened frequencies of a larger reality. A flux in consciousness is quite evident in you now because you have chosen to integrate with the concepts of a higher octave than what you are accustomed to. New thought like this requires a longer integrative period—vacillation across a larger-than-usual span for you. This balancing process is the reason behind your forgetfulness. Equalization will occur at a point amid this span according to your focus. You are in a time of adjustment.”

What she said seemed to make perfect mathematical sense, but I related it more to machinery or to an instrument of some kind. I’d never thought of myself in such terms.

“But you are an instrument,” she said, as I did another double take at her apparent ability to read my mind.

“Your senses are instrumental in guiding you to what is true about you.”

“Could you explain more about the vibration of thought, Sister? I’ve always believed sound to be the only thing vibrating.”

“The Source of all life is the Highest Vibration. Everything in existence is vibration, as an extension of the Highest Vibration—The Great Spirit. There simply is nothing else, although there are different rates of vibration according to levels of thought—mentality. The vibration of a person’s thoughts coincides with their degree of awareness. The more you know about your place in creation, the higher your vibration.”

“Since we are from the Highest Vibration, did you go to the Highest Vibration when you died, Sister?”

“We are souls made from Omnipresent Soul. As splinters of light from the Eternal Light of Soul, death has no place in us. My essence left the density of your plane according to the principles of vibration. With the vibratory frequency I held at the point of my death, I transitioned to like-vibration where my evolution would be best served.”

“I don’t know what you mean by saying you transitioned to “like-vibration”.

“It means that when a soul leaves earthly life, it magnetically attracts to where it needs to be in order to continue learning.”

“Thank you, Sister. You make going to the next world sound so automatic.”

“A soul’s evolution is natural and ongoing, Salvatore.”

I thought about what she said, and paused before asking my next question.

“What was the greatest lesson you learned, Sister? Was there one in particular which set you on the road to a higher level of understanding?”

“Before I passed from my earthly experience of life, I learned that similar to the way a ripple upon the water is part of its great ocean, so are we with our Source. When I began to grasp this, however slightly, any more lessons proved to be further encompassments of the same thing. There is a singularity to knowledge, Salvatore, which grows evident through an evolution in consciousness, a tuning of our instrument—and not just because we died. Likewise, your physical birth wasn’t your creation, but a continuation. You are more than a body, yet you haven’t risen to such awareness.”

Sister Clementus smiled, and I was hypnotized by the words flowing from her lips.

“When I lived in the physical dimension I expressed through a denser body, which was conceived for me before the process of my incarnation. The lighter body you see now was formulated in another way and vibrates at a higher frequency.”

“Speaking in spatial terms, Salvatore, I am far from blending with the Highest Vibration, which would repel my much slower vibration. The process of awakening to our Source occurs by aligning our thoughts to the vibration of truth, which is all a matter of becoming conscious of what is real. I don’t fully understand the singularity of which I speak, but I feel it and it guides me. I’m certain it is the pathway of truth.”

“Information like this isn’t common, Sister. I mean it’s not something I learned in school or in church—not in those words, anyway.”

“That’s because the world hasn’t awakened from its dream, Salvatore. The information I’m offering isn’t the everydayness you’re used to. If such were the case, many more souls would have evolved over the last millennium and I wouldn’t need to be here now.”

“Awakened from its dream? I don’t understand. I’m not dreaming, and neither are the people I know to be quite awake and mobile—nor are they sleepwalking. What exactly is the truth, Sister?”

“Yes, you have been dreaming and for a very long time. I am here to help you to awaken.”

I looked at Sister Clementus and the three apparitions on the stairwell landing. In light of the situation, I questioned if I was, in fact, dreaming all of this.

“You aren’t home in bed sleeping and dreaming, Salvatore; but you’ve been in a similar unreality. It has to do with how you see your self, your perception of the world through your self-image, and the misuse of attributes given you in your creation. There are mistakes needing correction and that is all. Don’t be afraid. Be gladdened—for vision will be opened to you when you come out of misperception and learn to associate truth with what is real.”

I struggled to cross-reference the message of the geometric language with what the sister was telling me. There hadn’t been enough time for me to relax and absorb all the information I got while sitting on my hospital bed. The fact that the geometry could explain reasons for confusion in the world came through to me, but without contemplation, the transmission was already becoming vague.

“The chaos of the world is evident all around you. But although it appears painfully to exist, the truth is it’s not an absolute reality, Salvatore. At a point in space and time you live surrounded by degrees of intolerance in a realm of perceived differences. Swinging between the poles of what you call good and evil, one’s vice is another’s virtue—and the Golden Rule of Life lays dormant on the back shelf of muddled minds. The dream has all been a mistake in identity—an error truth will banish just like the dreams you have at night lose authority when you wake in the morning.”

“But Sister, what truth will wake me, us, the world?”

“All Truth is beyond my awareness, since I’m not a fully self-realized being. I am also on a pathway to awakening, and can only tell you truth is about nothingness, yet everything—it is endless.”

“How can truth be about nothing, yet everything?”

“Because so much of what you believe to be true is nothing; yet, what you cannot see and believe to be nothing—is everything. The truth found on the other side of conflict in the physical dimension leads to greater truth, and isn’t an end in itself but a beginning. I will show you examples of how to find what is true within you and explain more about vibration, and why it’s best to keep your thoughts attuned to what is real.”

The sister stood silently for a moment. Her subtle gestures gave me the impression she was listening to someone.

“Many believe eternity to be someplace else far off in the future as a reward in heaven, hellfire as punishment, or somewhere in between. But it’s contradictory to say there are separate places in Omnipresence. Impossibilities don’t exist in the Alpha and the Omega of life, Salvatore.”

“Then why do so many people believe what is impossible?”

“You believe impossibilities only because you have placed yourself in an impossible situation where you think you have differentiated from the whole. But you are made in the image of perpetual wholeness. Any perceived differences cannot divide the truth about you.”

“If that’s the case, what prevents us from knowing our own wholeness, Sister?”

“Your degree of evolution in consciousness determines your ability to see. As units created from a greater whole, humans express individually through a duality of formlessness and density—personalities and bodies.”

“I’ve always understood life to be expressed that way, Sister. Isn’t that normal? But I must admit I don’t really understand the wholeness part. If there is something else to know that’ll enlighten me to this wholeness, I’m not seeing it.”

“Yes, of course it’s normal for mindsets to express through physical bodies. But I’m here to show you there’s much more to your current picture of life.”

“Maybe it would help me if you’d explain the meaning of duality as it pertains to thought.”

“Remember the universe has electromagnetic properties as a Thought of God, Salvatore. You are part of this Thought. So it follows that your thoughts are also electromagnetic. At your level of evolution in the world of perceived differences, you live amongst polarities of thought.”

“What do you mean by polarities of thought?”

“Thoughts that are in a degree of difference from other thoughts, creating a duality; the ultimate duality of an individual being the degree of polarity between one’s ego and their knowledge of Spirit.”

“Why does the fact that people see things differently have to mean anything, Sister?”

“The importance is that we are talking about thought. Thinkers are made from Power, which means human thoughts are in turn powerful, Salvatore. When thoughts digress to degrees of opposition, electromagnetic resistance is accumulated between them and becomes the root of strife.”

“Well, then how can opposition be avoided?”

“By learning that even though the ego-personality and the body with its perceptions appear quite set and real to you, they are temporary, and best used as feedback mechanisms for awakening. They are not to be adhered to and defended as your sole identity. When what is real about you becomes known, belief in opposition as division will end and appearances will be transformed. Creation is Perfect, Salvatore.”

I was becoming overwhelmed quickly and the sister knew it. I told her I had an analytical mind, which needed time to sift through what she was telling me. Sister Clementus assured me she wouldn’t have appeared unless I was ready, asking I be patient as she continued.

“There have been vast polarities in your life giving way to opposition too, Salvatore. You have been confused and frightened by religion for several incarnations. Instances detrimental to you have been tucked away and forgotten, yet they still have their effect.”

All I could relate to the sister’s allusion was the time I spent following Jack and his congregation with their fearful beliefs. But their beliefs were no longer mine; however, her weighty reference had me thinking there must be something else on her mind having to do with my beliefs. Whatever it was escaped me.

“It’s important for you to understand, once and for all, many of the scriptural interpretations proclaimed to be the truth by organized religion, and its constituents, are in error. It makes no difference who or how many people believe in them. The interpretations are mistaken. Their grid of fearful projections involving the personification of a devil and the possibility of separation from God, are but misunderstood metaphors running rampant between the poles of clarity and obscurity. The beliefs have no true meaning in themselves, but like everything else they have a cause. The cause is ignorance. There is also a reason for everything, and ignorance at this level gives reason to learn one thing about Creation:


“The world begs for the simplicity of knowing Absolute Perfection as changeless, and to realize that anything other doesn’t exist and is therefore not real.”


What Sister Clementus said reinforced all I had learned from the mystics. I was fascinated by her explanation of duality and the polarization of ego to Spirit. She also said when core beliefs begin to gravitate toward the positive pole of Spirit, the vacillation produced is actually the depolarization of old belief; depolarization leading to a profound shift in consciousness. I asked her to talk more about our identity as beings of light.

“A very long time ago we were more conscious beings. Not until fascination with the reflection of our own makings did we slip into hypnosis and forget our freedom in the neutrality of creation.”

“But how could we do such a thing, Sister?”

“We lost sight of freedom’s meaning and turned its gifts into burdens. The law of creation was used in reverse when we assigned power to our manifestations, allowing them to rule. But our manifestations have no power of their own, not truly existing in the absolute sense. When you think they do, it’s about the transference of your own power.”

“Can you show me from another angle how we reversed the law of creation? That sounds like a hefty order to me, Sister.”

“By masking reality with wrong beliefs concerning our identity, awareness slept; and as we continued to step further into our projected thought-forms, we became like dreamers lost in dreams. Maligned to the fullness of our nature as extensions of Perfection, our repetitive error was adverse to us, breeding forgetfulness and devolution under our own spell. This is the original and only sin, which has been grossly misinterpreted by many.”

“How could we be free to do such a thing, Sister?”

“Because we are created from what is free. There is no authority. When we believed our creations to be external, we fell—but only in thought. Identifying materiality as separate, which it isn’t, we appeared as separate forms.”

“What do you mean by saying we are created from what is free?”

“We are made from neutrality, which in turn gives us free will.”

“Well, now, we can’t be too free. I get a sense there is some kind of judgment awaiting us if we think we’re totally free.”

“Although there is never any judgment upon us, Salvatore, free will comes with responsibility. The universe is just; therefore, we reap the justice of our thoughts, words, and actions unto ourselves. No one does anything to you. You do it to yourselves and amongst yourselves.”

What Sister Clementus said caused me to relate the symbol of the serpent to man’s lower self—man stuck in a habitual rut. She obviously read my mind again.

“The symbol of the serpent, which moves forward with no ability to move backward, portrays the situation of man’s displaced identity. Oblivious to his omnipotence, man defaulted his power to darkness—ignorance concerning his own definition. No one can see this truth while acting from an incorrect frame of reference. The serpent symbolizes the impossibility of serving two masters simultaneously, meaning the lower and higher selves—the dark and the light. But as beings created from All Knowledge, we are truly of the light at our deepest level. To bring light to shadows is to awaken and unwind the mistake into nothingness. For what isn’t real is nothing, Salvatore.”

“Are you saying there is no devil or hell to punish us, Sister?”

“The metaphor of the devil is true when understood. Acknowledge evil as spun from lower levels of human consciousness, having no essence in the cosmic. Anything rooted in ignorance has no spiritual reality. When people mistakenly define themselves by their own limited ideas and manifestations, it is pride, and the sense is lost of their true identity as sons and daughters created in the image and likeness of Pure Spirit.”

The sister was adamant in stating it was only their sense of identity lost, not their identity itself.

“In this mistaken belief, which is adverse to them or sin, they are blinded and acquire a sense of isolation and lack, or separateness as an ego-personality. Their sensing is appropriate as a result of the mistake made, but misperception cannot change the truth. The problem is in their resulting blindness, most still don’t know what they have done, nor do they understand what they continue to do.”

There was such matter-of-factness in her tone it made the sister easy to listen to.

“Spiritual beings—the breath of life emanating from undefined infinite light energy can only define themselves by their projected beliefs because of a mistake in thinking, which results in an untrue picture of life. But Absolute Reality holds the mystery of our identity, Salvatore, which means we are from beyond belief.”

“Such a history is disheartening, Sister, and makes me think I’m born of confusion instead of freedom. How does humanity rise above this condition?  Will the day come when I can see beyond the projected world of form?”

“You can do it now, Salvatore. Perceiving from an angle where you can see the reactive behaviors of history for what they are is the way of true vision. There you will begin self-realization beyond what your five senses tell you. The Law of Use will be set before you to extend this realization to others.”

“The Law of Use?”

“Yes, Salvatore. When you know the truth you must use it to the benefit of others. On the contrary, exclusion of others stemming from convoluted ideas leading to the belief in inequality is a misguided mental function. Ego projections on the screen of the world cannot divide Spirit. Yet, through the use of psychological defense mechanisms, people stave off the truth about their separated ego-selves. Those defenses support a mistake, which is held to as an identity that reinforces obscurity.”

“But why would anyone defend what isn’t real?”

“Because it appears as real to them. In their unawareness, destructive acts ensue in vain attempts to protect the ego, which has no meaning in itself but is a perceptual tool, its only real use leading us toward the positive pole of Spirit. Without knowledge of Spirit, a blind ego can kill the body—but spiritual discernment shows you the soul can never die. Nonetheless, the reality that exclusion from the Oneness of Life cannot happen doesn’t stop man-made theologies from projecting belief in alienation onto the face of Omnipresence. Those who adhere to the latter way of thinking prolong time by building on repetition, like rays of light lost in a roomful of mirrors.”

“Are you saying people see a distorted picture of others and also of God?”

“Yes, because all are a part of Life—the One Mind, yet most believe to the contrary. Though it may appear so, there is no division between you. If people were fully conscious of this it would be the end of all mistakes—the belief in sin and death.”

“Why would anyone persist in believing what isn’t true about them, Sister?”

“Unaware of the laws of life, people generally project their thoughts outward and misunderstand the reflected images of the same thoughts to have external origins. But to imagine reality to be external—functioning independently of the beliefs feeding your thoughts, leaves you asleep in the light of creation. People aren’t bodies with separate realities disconnected from the Great Light—or what people call God, dear Salvatore.”

“But there is so much violence in the world, Sister, and yet, we are all connected?”

“We are of one energy; otherwise, there would be no universe. People struggle against the threatening images they unknowingly project. Although their attacks have no effect at the level of Spirit, they uphold the illusions of an ego-identity and hide the truth about their only real function, which is to correct misperception so as to expose their dreaming. Only then will light shine through the thin walls of separate identities with their belief in the false—which is dead.”

The sister’s equation of the untrue with the dead drove me to deeper levels of thought.

“What can we do to fight evil in the world?” I asked.

“Learn that evil has no power except for the power assigned to it. By engaging in a struggle against evil, you are defining it as an autonomous force when it is not.  Evil viewed as a separate energy is actually a projection of uneducated minds.”

“Surely you don’t deny there is evil in the world, Sister.”

“No, Salvatore, I don’t. But in order to change evil, you need first to remove the shroud of fear in which you’ve dressed it. For one thing, satan is a Hebrew word which means adversary.”

“Now you’re scaring me. I thought you said there was no devil, Sister?”

“You’re scaring yourself. The only adversary you’re up against is your own ignorance. That goes for all of humanity. When ignorance waxes, it continues to attract energy like itself and becomes evident when it grows in negativity to the horrors you call evil. The manner of thinking gone unnoticed long before any manifestations is what proves to be the root of evil.”

“Can you give me an example of the kinds of thinking you’re talking about?”

“You say you want to fight evil, Salvatore, but in the dual nature of perception in line with humanity’s stage of evolution, change happens in another way. In a world that believes in opposites, when at the core of life-energy they don’t exist, change can only happen when you use your illusions—rather than through fighting them.”

After Sister Clementus said this, she was quiet. It was as though she wanted me to take some time to think. So I thought about how we had already spoken about opposites, such as hot and cold, and about how they are actually degrees of the same thing. Through a quick self-inventory, I looked for what appeared to be my own personal dualities. During my inner scanning, I acknowledged differing emotions I’d had throughout my life. None of them appeared to be different degrees of the same thing. I had trouble with the concept.

“Keep it simple, Salvatore. Begin by remembering all your thoughts and attached emotions rise out of the same core-energy.  Although you color thoughts with your interpretations of life experiences, it is set before you to attune your eyes to the singularity of the essence which permeates everything.”

“But what does this have to do with dealing with evil?”

“Remember it’s the simplest of thoughts which can grow in negativity, even across lifetimes. When you have a negative thought, don’t struggle with it. The law of life says we reap what we sow. Sowing energy into resisting a thought only reinforces it. This is a lower natural law. Through the use of your free will, you have the ability to use the higher laws of life over the lower laws.”

“What are the higher laws, Sister?” I was intrigued by the idea of using higher laws over lower laws.

“Don’t resist negative emotions. Instead of getting caught up in resistance, focus on experiencing the opposite emotion. In doing this, you are using Harmonic Law by infusing higher vibration into lower vibration.”

“Do you mean to say love and hate are opposite poles of a sameness?”

“Yes, and as a co-creator you have the power to change the degrees of polarity toward the positive pole of love. This holds true for affecting any attitude. But there is one prerequisite.”

“And what is that?”

“Knowing where to base your identity, which comes through practice and meditation. Although you cannot fully understand the greater whole, it’s enough to know the law of truth. You are more than connected to all people in some way. The law of the universe says they are actually a part of you. To not realize this truth and use the vibration of thought to the detriment of others is to bring even more woe to you.”

A barrage of dichotomies surfaced in my mind. I could see I’d get a lot of practice changing the degrees of polarity in many areas of my thinking; I only hoped I could actually do it.

“When you realize the true way of life, the light within you will shine as the same light in others. With all revealed, time and its counterpart of perception will end. You will move beyond perception and into knowledge, which is past the five organic senses of the body. You will see how profoundyour unity is when you come to know you are All One Life.”

“I can sense we are all One beneath our misperceptions. This sense has opened me to the idea that humanity has been distracted by their use of words. Words seem to have frozen the movement of life into labels, Sister.”

“There’s no need to continue to call me Sister Clementus. My birth name when I was last in the physical dimension was Gloria. It’s a lovely name I stopped using after my final vows as a nun. I’d like for you to use it now.”

“Alright, Gloria, I will. I quite like the name too,” I confirmed.

“We can begin there then, with names. People over-identify with names in the physical dimension, unaware that names are words, signs and symbols, used as representations. For example, when people define themselves by an assigned name, such as a physical human body which ages and dies, they’re looking superficially and don’t see their wholeness. You do have a material body, which like all matter is subject to laws and in a constant state of change leading to decay. But what you don’t see is the essence of matter, nor the essence of the life expressing through it. You see your life as a body with a short span of existence, when the truth is Endless Life animates you. You don’t know your own being, Salvatore. You only see what you have been conditioned to believe.”

“What else can be seen when looking at a human being, and how can I see it?” I asked.

“Some things are indefinable in words. Since all representations are ideas projected outward and seen as external, the very act is to a degree removed from the reality of what is represented.”

“A statement hard for me to comprehend, Gloria. Can you give me another example I can understand, maybe something a little more concrete to meet my simple eye?”

“You have complicated what truly is simple. Think of what you see as your physical body in terms of its levels of organization.”

“Yes, I understand anatomy. I’ll start from the human organism as the end result. Before the human organism is organ systems, organs, tissue, cells, molecules, and firstly atoms—right?”

“Go further, and look more closely at atomic structure. You will see protons, neutrons, and electrons actively exchanging electrical charges like little lightning bolts.”

I was caught off guard, and gasped loudly when a physical sensation left me feeling squeezed like an accordion. I blew my mind when I realized Gloria had somehow shrunken me and I was inside an atom of my body.

“Look closer still at the vibrating components of light—all with great, relative distance between them. Do you see anything solid there, Salvatore?”

I was breathless while trying to process the beauty of the light around me, which seemed to go on forever. I couldn’t grasp thinking this was inner space, not outer space. It was a stark reminder of the extent to which my senses were aimed outward.

“Well, no Gloria I don’t. Am I looking in the wrong place?”

“No, you’re not. There really is no such thing as solidity. You live in a world of appearances, or representations and names for things which don’t exist the way you think they do.”

Her answer lay heavy on my mind, as I stood transfixed. Her next question made perfect sense.

“Now that you’ve looked toward the infinite microcosm starting with the human organism, isn’t it fitting you look toward the macrocosm in the same way?”

My high school days came to mind, and the abstract image of a man’s face hanging on the wall in a silver frame in the cafeteria with the title, “Man, A Complex Being”. Also, the incompleteness of the evolutionary chart in science class was obvious to me. I remember thinking why would man’s evolution end just because he stood upright?