Reflections of My Higher Self: Foreword



Given retrospectively through the character of Salvatore DeSanti, this universally themed fictionis set to a backdrop of real events in my lifetime. Although for some the presentation may be difficult to understand, I hope this will serve to stimulate concentration and develop a sustained attention in the reader.

The transmission considers different levels of receptivity in its audience; therefore, its approach from various angles may be repetitive to some, yet necessary to the assimilation of others who are unfamiliar with the genre.

Please be assured that references to the harmful conveyances of authority figures and belief systems aren’t made with the intent to place blame. Depictions of unfortunate events related to persons and religions are presented in the light that people often act without questioning the dominant forces in their lives.

Many of the ideas are shown metaphorically while gravitating toward the positive pole of growth. The concept of forgiveness is examined with the acknowledgment that it can sometimes be difficult and at times thought impossible to do. My intention is to bring this difficulty into the light of a broader perspective where the potential to see beyond our ego-personalities and perceived capabilities waits to be recognized. I hope to bring clarity to the truth that nothing seen as external changes until change occurs within us. Only then, can we begin to understand why we are better off not to freeze-frame ourselves in the past with an attitude of resentment.

The book embraces the A Course in Miracles concept that we are all of One Source and that there is but one sin and one solution, while holding to the knowledge that the truth isn’t limited to any single mode of conveyance. Drawing from the belief that we are more than physical beings, my writing traverses the strata between superficial habitual thought and transformational thinking; opening the way to conscious self-actualization.

The material is a showcase for the changing degrees of identity between the poles of Salvatore’s ego and Spirit while he stands at the gateway to the mystical science of thought, as electromagnetic energy with vibration governed by natural laws. Cultivating the seeds of a new perspective proves to be a painstaking process for the questioning Salvatore, who wrestles with his humanness to the end.

The terms Natural Law, Spiritual Law and Universal Law, may be used interchangeably as are Absolute Reality, Christ Consciousness, Universal Mind, Universal Intelligence, God, Truth, Light, Source, Infinite Wisdom, the Great Spirit, a continuum, unified field, Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience, the Holy Spirit, The All, Perfect Love, First Cause and the Highest Vibration—to show how universal truth transcends human terminologies and is the crux of all the great religions of the world.

To avoid confusion, I will take this time to say Salvatore’s interdimensional experience, the one which begins on the first stairwell landing of the Victorian he calls home in chapter six, continues to take place on the stairwell through to chapter thirteen.

I’d also like to alert readers from or familiar with Gloucester, Massachusetts, that the geography of the city was changed in places to suit the continuity of the story.






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