Dec 19

The Narrow Gate, A Journey Through Identity, Belief, and Perception, A Course in Miracles, Course of Miracles, ACIM

By Joe Danna | A Course in Miracles , ACIM , course of miracles , creative writing , imaginitive writing , The Narrow Gate , transformative writing

I took A Course in Miracles, ACIM, and have always wanted to be able to share my innermost thoughts through transformative writing and I did so by writing a book titled “The Narrow GateA Journey Through Identity, Belief, and Perception. Before I started this ACIM type writing I took some refresher classes in creative writing through The Long Ridge Writer’s Group, and while writing a 500-word short story assignment I became entranced with what turned out to be my 52,000-word spiritual narrative about universal natural law. I’ve heard many creative writers talk about reaching a jet stream of creativity. Now I know what they mean. Everything I had ever learned and experienced spiritually came to the surface in writing my manuscript about The Narrow Gate, A Journey Through Identity, Belief, and Perception. For two years I pulled from my old writings on identity, belief, and perception. Hours went by in blocks of ten. I expanded and pieced my creation together.
Among the topics included in the mix are the law of attraction and principles of vibration, anxiety and panic disorder, reconciliation of a repressed memory, man-made-fear-based theology, its cause and effect,  forgiveness, projection, illusions, the list goes on. In A Course in Miracles format, the message in my depiction of identity, belief, and perception is to show how we can still manage to listen to the wind song of life in a chaotic world. We can learn about the narrow gate opening to absolute reality of ACIM.

Dec 18

The Universal Natural Law of Attraction, Attitude and Change, ACIM

By Joe Danna | ACIM , law of attraction , natural law , universal law

We hear about universal law, such as the law of attraction, but do people take the subject seriously? I know I do because my life has changed. It’s becoming very evident that attitude determines so much of how my day will go. Natural law concerning universal energy do work as does ACIM. I found that when first consciously acting on these laws  it took a lot of effort to get out of the mess I had made before I learned these laws. But then I gained “momentum” and the things that used to take so much effort are a lot easier. I’m accomplishing more now through an attitude that supports inner transformation. After all, it is the inner that creates the outer.

Dec 18

Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self Realization Fellowship Temple

By Joe Danna | attractor fields , Self Realization Fellowship , yoga

When I lived in Carlsbad, California…I visited the Self Realization Fellowship Temple in Encinitas  for a service one evening. The feeling permeating the temple was incredible. The temple was filled to capacity and the Self Realization Fellowship monk leading the service made a comment that the peace in the room that night was palpable. When the service ended, I felt light as a feather and thought I was about to float as I left the temple.

Dec 18

The New Age

By Joe Danna | new age , Self Realization Fellowship , yoga

Though the ancient mystics were aware of The Sidereal Calendar with its 36,000-year cycle through the twelve ages, it has only been since the mid to late 1960s that talk about a new age began percolating amidst the fringes of society. With the help of The Beatles, those early days of transcendental meditation and consciousness raising started an upswing in the questioning of reality. Of course, there were other influences that brought eastern philosophies to America, such as Paramahansa Yogananda with The Self Realization Fellowship in the early part of the 20th century, but it took decades for interest in these new ways of thinking to take hold in The United States. In recent years, books and other media about the workings of universal law and quantum physics have shed light on the subject.