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Dec 22

Gloucester, Mass. author JP Danna addresses anxiety, religion, drugs, alcohol, heroin, and the universal Law of Attraction in his new book “The Narrow Gate: A Journey Through Identity, Belief, and Perception”.

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In what some would call his New Age book, The Narrow Gate: A Journey Through Identity, Belief, and Perception, JP Danna writes an account of his experiences with religion, drugs, alcohol, and his struggle with identity.  JP Danna doesn’t use the term “new age” and says there is nothing new about universal law. Although the book is fiction, it is set against a backdrop of his life while growing up in Gloucester. Below is the back cover blurb of his story:

“An exceptionally thought provoking narrative about Universal Law.

The life of protagonist, Salvatore DeSanti, in the seaside community of Gloucester, Massachusetts sets the scene for this journey into self.

In the dualities of life, the rustic beauty of his beloved city stands in contrast to outside forces after heroin invades its shores in the early 1970s.

Suffering from an anxiety disorder that leaves him vulnerable and beyond the help of his religion, Salvatore seeks help in the knowledge passed through the ages by ancient mystics.

But before he knows what hits him, a freak accident catapults Salvatore to a parallel reality where he meets the translucent entity he comes to know as Gloria. The mysterious gift she places in his hand comes to life in a divine scheme, setting him on the brink of drastic change.

Gloria sustains Salvatore as he faces his darkest moments through a window to the past. She aligns him with the light of sages, and while standing beside him at the crossroads of truth and illusion, Gloria shows him the power of belief and the dynamics at work on the flipside of the Law of Attraction—the reason for his guilt.

In an array of splendid metaphor, Salvatore emerges victorious when he realizes the missing ingredient in his life—his innocence.