Reflections of My Higher Self by Joe Danna

Reflection of My Higher SelfJoseph Danna sat to write what was intended to be a 500-word short story assignment. As he did so, he was overcome by what appeared to be a sensational movie flowing through his head. His writing described everything he saw and felt in this movie. To his amazement, his short story developed into a striking 60,000-word mystical odyssey about why it’s so important to choose to identify with our core unity, rather than react negatively to our conditioned differences.

With his life experiences used as a backdrop to the main purpose of his new novel “Reflections of My Higher Self”, Joe’s imaginative writing ascends the heights of metaphor in an alternate reality. He says, “Metaphor is often the best way to express the dynamics at work behind why we see things the way we do”.

“The whole trajectory of our perception, especially of others, begins with how we see ourselves. In this respect, to discover All Life is of One Essence and that beneath every conflict we are facets of a Greater Whole with a larger purpose … acts as a key to open the mind. For all to understand the implications of this Universal Principle would be the most profound step humanity could ever take … because there would be so much more good to follow … one day.”

Joseph Danna