Reflections of my Higher Self
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As Joseph Danna sat to write what was intended to be a 500-word short-story assignment, he was overcome by what appeared to be a mystical odyssey flowing through his head. To his amazement, his short-story developed into a striking 60,000-word drama depicting the importance of living from our core unity, rather than reacting negatively to our conditioned differences.

With windows to his past used as a backdrop to the main purpose of his new book, “Reflections of My Higher Self”, Joe’s narrative about the crossroads of psychology with spirituality is educational, as it ascends the heights of metaphor in a journey through alternate realities.

The roots of human identity are examined and shown as either based in the truth about us as universal beings, or in what is false. The writing explains how the whole trajectory of our perception, especially of others, begins with how we see ourselves. But the crux of the story reveals that how we see ourselves is often maligned due to an unconscious error, which manifests as chaos in the world. The only remedy for this error of humanity is the truth, which for protagonist Salvatore DiSanti and his troubled past, escalates to magnificent displays of his innocence.

The presentation is not only read but felt, as it depicts All Life as of One Essence. It shows how beneath every conflict we are facets of a greater whole with a larger purpose. Once described as The Shack on steroids, for the world to grasp the implications of the universal principles laid out here would be the most profound step humanity could ever take.